Winning strategies to obtain best results

"Digital marketing strategies" or businesses that require growth in order to compete with other in the same field.
We get the results!


The importance of building your own "Digital Marketing Strategy", is fundamental for maintaining contact with your client base.
Different social media, for example like facebook, twitter o linkedin, offers you the fastest way to create your own network, where you can communicate to all your customers.

Having a web-site that is fully integrated with your social network is a necessity to upgrade and develop your marketing strategies has become something that you must have absolutely to upgrade your marketing targets.

Find customers, build customer brand loyalty, connect with customers and start a movement.



Corporate image


Create your unique brand image style!

We want to catch your customers emotions, we want to capture something that spreads from culture itself rather than the product or the brand.
The creation of a logo or a simple web page must try to convey a unique feeling to the observer and maintain a corporate image is essential.
We can help you build your brand and web-identity!

Automate your work!

Time equals money!

Having the working process more automated as possible, it is one of the fundamental processes in order to increase your business on the web and not only.
Having an e-commerce integrated with your management system, allows not only to have a stock or part of the administration up to date, but allows you to have more time to devote to other activities such as promoting product.



SEO "Search Engine Optimization"

The key element to good marketing or the key element to a good marketing strategy, is to make sure that Google "loves" to search through your web-site or e-commerce, to improve the presence on Google itself, which means to be "SEO Friendly".
Ensuring Accessibility and Search Index Presence through "Content Positioning" and a keyword selection strategy is still proved to be a valuable part of the SEO process for any marketer.
Our websites are SEO "friendly" and responsive to give you the most visibility possible!


SEM "Search Engine Marketing" - Google AdWords

To obtain quick results in terms of visitors of your web-site or e-commerce, you can consider creating campaigns with "Google AdWords".
We can help you choose the best way to proceed and build your market.  

Social Media Campaigns

Create relationships with your customers!

It is very important that you have to build relationships with your customers. Which means being reliable and transparent. By comprehending the Internet users, using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn an so on, you can start communicating directly with your clients. Our challenges are through a smart strategy and the relevant use of social media to devlop and maximise your product potential, modulating different "Social Media Campaigns".  


Newsletter Marketing for Customer Loyalty!

Once you have "conquered" a customer, you must create a "feeling" to obtain customer loyalty! The best way is to use the newsletter in order to keep all your customers in touch and up to date with your activities and create a connection between you and them.
Maitama offers you a professional "Newsletter Marketing Service" in order to complete your marketing actions.

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